European Cup U16 Day 1


The European Cup U16 in Wolfurt is in full swing. With a good weather forecast (no rain so far) and a lot of talent on players side is the stage for great hockey set.

Crash Eagles Kaarst came up big in the first Game winning 4:0 against Rossemaison
Rossemaison : Crash Eagles Kaarst 0:4

Swiss Champion Buix beat German Vice Champion Sterkrade in a close GAme with 2:1
SHC Buix : Sterkrade 2:1

The Israel Champion Zoran Falcons been one Number to big for the Austrian Champion Wolfurt Walkers winning 8:1
Zoran Falcons : Wolfurt Walkers 8:1

Russian Champion Leader Moscow defeat danisch Champion Copenhagen All Stars in a close Game with 4:3
Moscow : Copenhagen 4:3

Kaarst won there second Game in a tight battle 4:3 against Bissendorf.
Bissendorfer Panther : Crash Eagles Kaarst 3:4

Swiss Champion Buix did win there second game against Wienstrom with 9:1.
SHC Buix : Wienstrom Scorpions 9:1

The Wolfurt Walkers lost there second Game against Rossemaison with 5:1
Wolfurt Walkers : SHC Rossemaison 1:5

Copenhagen All Stars won there second game in a tight frame against Sterkrade with 6:1.
Based on a strong finish with 4 Goals in 3 Minutes.

Copenhagen All Stars : Fireballs Sterkrade 6:1

Zoran Falcons did win there second Game agains Bissendorf straight with 5:1
Zoran Falcons : Bissendorfer Panthers 5:1

Moscow beat Wienstrom Scorpions 8:0 for their second win.
Wienstrom Scorpions : Leader Moscow 0:8

Kaarst still undefeated with a 4:0 win against the host Wolfurt Walkers
Crash Eagles Kaarst : Wolfurt Walkers 4:0

Copenhagen All Stars won a tight game in the last Minute against SHC Buix
SHC Buix : Copenhagen All Stars 3:4

Rossemaison could win with a great performance against the israeli champion zoran falcons 4:3
Rossemaison : Zoran Falcons 4:3

Sterkrade and Moscow came to a draw
Sterkrade : Moscow 2:2

Bissendorfer Panther could skate away with a win against Wolfurt. Final score 3:1 for Bissendorf
Bissendorf : Wolfurt 3:1

Copenhagen came to an easy win over wienstrom by beating the scorpions with 12:0
Copenhagen : Wienstrom 12:0

Kaarst and Zoran put a great game on the pitch witch didnt find a winner. Final score 3:3
Crash Eagles Kaarst : Zoran Falcons 3:3

Leader Moscow won there last Game against Buix with 4:3 and came out on top of there group.
Leader Moscow : SHC Buix 4:3

Rossemasson skated away with a win in a thrilling game against Bissendorf by scoring the winner in the final seconds
Rossemaison : Bissendorf 5:4

Sterkrade could win there last game of the day with 6:0 against Wienstrom
Sterkrade : Wienstrom 6:0


quelle: www.wolfurtwalkers.com